Olivia Young
Head of Media
Noble People
Olivia Young is the Head of Media at Noble People, the 70 person independent media agency servicing clients like Coca Cola, Postmates, BJ’s Wholesale, Oscar Health, Jamaica Tourism, California Pizza Kitchen and Klarna. Before finding Noble People, Olivia spent the first half of her professional years in the media department at Wieden+Kennedy, focusing primarily on entertainment brands. Working as a media executive inside of what is arguably the best creative agency in the world, made it clear to Olivia that the line between media and creative is blurred. And when lightning strikes, it’s hard to tell where one stops and the other begins. Olivia joined Noble People in 2015, with the desire to bring this understanding to a media agency that bucked the traditional model by putting creativity and transparency first. Her career has since focused on finding unique commonalities between brands and consumers, and creative opportunities for media to connect the two.