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Carmen Graf

SVP, Executive Media Director

Carmen Graf


Carmen comes with 25 years of experience and is even more passionate about media today than she was when she first started.  As SVP, Executive Media Director at GSD&M, she leads a team of 50 media marketers in communications planning across all clients - from brand to retail, e-commerce to direct.  She is a firm believer in collaboration knows well that media is the other creative department.  She has an unmatched passion for consumer insights, and is a huge proponent of developing holistic brand experiences for clients.  Whether digital, mass, direct or social, she understands the need and finds the point of engagement. Integrate the idea and the audience and let the dialogue begin - listen and learn, measure, respond.  Whether above/below the line communications - the point is to connect.  Effectively and efficiently, without sacrificing either.


Carmen leads by example, producing strong and committed teams.  Her track record and media relationships have earned her both industry recognition and client respect.  She recently named an Adweek Media All Star for 2016, although her talent was recognized early on when she was named a Media Star of the Future by Newsweek.  She has multiple awards under her belt including Adweek’s Media Plan of the Year, MIXX Awards for Interactive TV+VOD and Social Media, a Silver Effie, and the Creative Media Award. 


She loves to travel with her family and sits on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Texas.