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Kamran Asghar

Chief Executive Officer

Kamran Asghar


Sixteen years ago Kamran Asghar, a Media Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather, broke away from the global agency and fearlessly launched Crossmedia, an independent media specialist offering media intelligence and innovation with independent and transparent client service. Kamran and his co-founding partner Martin Albrecht, a fellow Media Director at Ogilvy, designed Crossmedia to be a futuristic, integrated media agency that focuses on solving problems


“Martin and I wanted to create a place that focused on the thinking side of the business, not the bullying side,” says Kamran. “How do we connect brands with people, that’s what media is – the line that connects brands and people.”


Crossmedia combines in-depth strategic capabilities with state-of-the-art analytics services and transparent buying practices, catering to brands that are looking for an alternative and independent media partner. Crossmedia is an autonomous U.S. media agency allied with Crossmedia GmbH, the largest media independent in Germany. The U.S. agency counts among its client list top shelf brands such as GNC, Supercell, U.S. Bank, Terra’s Kitchen, White Castle, and Tillamook, among others. 


As mega media agencies created through global agency network mergers continue to plow through the media landscape with a profit first focus, Crossmedia successfully continues going it alone, carving out a solid reputation as a client first focused, transparent media pioneer. 


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