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Annie Griffiths

Chief Marketing Officer

Annie Griffiths


Annie Griffiths has a strategist's brain with a pragmatists approach.


With 18+ years in media, and extensive experience in leading communications strategy at UM, ZO and MediaCom, she has spent the last 3 years turning all of that experience inward, leading the new business and marketing efforts for PHD across the US.


From those olden days, where you earned your stripes as an assistant, buyer, planner and account manager, Annie’s is a tale of building a complete understanding of the media process, overlaid with over 10 years of brand and communications strategy, and, the commercial and managerial skill that comes from running a group of accounts.


With a background in comms planning and account leadership, a razor-sharp mind, and an incredible ability to sharpen thinking across any category – has brought success across her new business remit as well as in a series of cultural drivers inside the agency thanks to her passion for building a culture that encourages people to think about getting to simply great work, simply.