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Michelle Edelman

Chief Strategy Officer

Michelle Edelman

Peter Mayer

Peter Mayer hired Michelle Edelman in 2013 as VP of strategy and planning and in January 2018 she became EVP, Chief Strategy Officer. She is an inventive strategist focused on business growth through superior idea-making, and a leader of a strong department brimming with true teammates who, no matter what their strategy discipline, relish creative problem-solving. She is a mixologist of brand strategy, cultural insights, user behavior, media thinking, analytics, research, social/digital marketing, and equity, and an entrepreneurial team member, confidante, vigilante and counselor who will do anything to nurture the best ideas through their delicate stages to get them realized. Prior to working at Peter Mayer she was the president of director planning at NYCA in Solana Beach, CA for 8 years, and has also worked as director of planning at Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnnett.