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Natalie Bowen


Natalie Bowen

Bowen Media

Natalie Bowen is a designer, award-winning artist, entrepreneur and President of Bowen Media. Natalie uses her 11 years of creative agency experience to strategically align the values and vision of strong-minded businesses, and propel them forward in their industries. Natalie’s professional mission is to use design and creative thinking to support companies and organizations who aim to make the world a better place. She is a longtime advocate for individualized education and female empowerment in technology, politics and leadership.

Over the past eleven years, Natalie has been involved in every facet of the creative agency world. An ambitious career woman, Natalie has worked her way from an internship and executive assistant, to a web designer and developer, department head in national and global sales, project manager, account manager, creative director, COO and is now the President of a thriving creative agency.
Natalie is completely exhilarated by the experience of never-ending curiosity and limitless creativity within her workplace. For the past seven years, she has proudly and passionately grown and nurtured an in-house and global team of talented designers, developers, strategists, account managers and marketers.

Natalie was recently honored with the “Women of Distinction Award” from the Town of Oyster Bay, the “Executive Circle Award” and was a “30 Under 30 ” honoree from the Long Island Business News.

Outside of her work at Bowen Media, Natalie gathers inspiration by traveling the world with her husband, attending summits and conferences within her industry, creating works of art with all mediums, and spending time with her loving family.