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Eva Kantrowitz

Chief Strategy Officer

Eva Kantrowitz

Horizon Media


Eva has been an integral part of Horizon Media for more than a decade elevating innovation and satisfaction for Horizon’s clients across a broad range of categories from CPG to Pharma to Entertainment and Retail.  In her current role as Chief Strategy Officer, Eva works to drive client innovation and satisfaction.  She is a host of strategic and creative horsepower, which was recognized by AdWeek on their prestigious 2018 ‘15 Most Innovative Agency Executives in Media Buying and Planning list.
Eva is charged with continuously enhancing Horizon’s data and analytics capabilities, driving best practices across the agency’s media operations, and liaising with talent management.  Her expertise intersects with key brand and department leads to develop new services, expand on existing ones and drive agency growth.  
Eva has an ability to anticipate the future and make decisions that impact Horizon positively. She will continue to be an ally in growth and a key member of the agency’s leadership team.